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The accounting path can be a profitable and solid career choice.

The availability of accounting-related roles in New Zealand is expected to increase resulting in a 3.8% increase in job openings over the next 5 years.
The salary range for Accounting Technicians is between $41,000 – $90,000 per year.*

Source: Pay Scale NZ

Gain a globally recognised accounting qualification & earn more!

The accounting path can be a profitable and solid career choice. With a wide range of courses available from beginners through to those who are already established. Our accredited courses are tailored by industry professionals from companies such as Xero, MYOB and Reckon. Whether you want to begin a new career in Accounting or update your skills to keep them on the cutting edge, our courses are designed to help!


The Career Academy is a Xero Education Partner with Xero Learn, a MYOB Education Partner and an Approved AAT training Provider (Provider code: OO01000627).


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Our Online Accounting Qualifications

xero certification nz
  • Fast track your career with a formal education in Accounting
  • Become a qualified member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)
  • AAT is the world’s leading body for accounting technicians with more than 140K members
  • Receive a Certificate in Accounting & a Diploma in Accounting
xero certification nz
  • Designed for those looking to advance their Accounts Administration career
  • Receive a Certificate in Accounts Administration & Payroll and a Diploma in Accounting
  • Receive unlimited tutor support via phone and email
xero certification nz
  • Further enhance your Accounting skills
  • Be a qualified Accounting Technician & member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)
  • AAT is the world’s leading body for Accounting technicians with more than 140K members
xero certification nz
  • Learn Xero software at the beginner level, fast!
  • Manage your own or client’s business accounts
  • Gain practical skills to advance your career
  • Get 6 months free access to Xero
  • Gain advanced Xero skills
  • Develop skills in managing business accounts, preparing and interpreting reports, and more
  • Get 6 months free access to Xero
  • Receive an official Xero certification upon completion
bookkeeping course
  • Beginner-level introductory accounting course
  • Gain a general understanding of accounting with a focus on core concepts
  • Learn basic skills that teach you the fundamentals of accounting
xero certification nz
  • Introductory-level online accounting course
  • Increase your competence & skills in practical accounting areas
  • Manage business accounts
  • Get practical skills too work in an accounts environment
xero certification nz
  • Gain practical skills to secure an accounts position
  • Cover the basics such as: working with spreadsheets, account reconciliations, and processing invoices
  • Receive unlimited tutor support via phone and email
bookkeeping course
  • For those looking to kickstart their bookkeeping career
  • Formalise your existing set of accounting skills
  • Receive a Certificate in Bookkeeping & a Diploma in Accounting
  • Intermediate-level accredited online certificate
  • Covers a broad range of AccountRight features
  • Developed with MYOB & qualified accounting experts
  • Accredited by MYOB and ICOES
  • Learn how to make the most out of this powerful accounting software
  • Become an expert at navigating MYOB
  • Learn tips & tricks to give your business an edge
bookkeeping course

Learn proven & practical skills to:

  • Develop a business plan and market your business
  • Acquire new clients, increase sales & profit
  • Set your business up for success & save time

Receive Unlimited Support From Experienced Professionals

Our tutors at The Career Academy are industry experts who are passionate about helping students succeed. Students receive unlimited tutor support via phone and email.


Yash (Accounting Tutor)

Yash earned his Bachelors in Commerce (Finance and Accounting) from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. He intends to use his knowledge to help students kick start their career in accounting and get a better understanding of it. Yash has previously worked as a mentor at his university, so he brings a lot of experience in helping students. He is passionate about education, especially in the field of Accounting, and wants to help as many people as he can.


Mitali (Accounting Tutor)

Mitali is a Tutor at The Career Academy with a PhD in Accounting from the University of South Australia in Adelaide. Mitali is passionate about accounting education and is excited to contribute to students’ learning experience. Mitali enjoys interacting with students about their course and loves what she calls the ‘aah’ moments when students cross hurdles they are struggling with. As an educator Mitali strongly believes that students enjoy being empowered with the tools to help themselves in both academic and professional pursuits.


Upnesh (Accounting Tutor)

Upnesh completed his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting Financial Management and Information Systems from the University of the South Pacific. Prior to joining The Career Academy, Upnesh was working with IRD and later became self employed as a Business Consultant offering business and tax advisory to SMEs. Upnesh enjoys in providing training and helping people achieve their goals, and has a firm belief that education is the principle of progress in every society and in every family.


Sumit (Accounting Tutor)

After completing his Masters in Professional Accounting and International Finance from the Deakin University, he worked as an Assistant Accountant with the local CPA firm to put his theoretical knowledge to practice. He followed his passion to support and encourage students during their learning journey which brings him to the tutor team at The Career Academy. Sumit supports The Career Academy’s vision of providing students with an outstanding learning experience that can help them to embrace new opportunities and advance in their career.


Bhavik (Accounting Tutor)

After graduating from The University of Auckland, Bhavik came to us as one of our resident Accounting tutors where he amazes both his students and colleagues with his huge range of knowledge. Bhavik has been with us for two years and we’re still trying to find a topic that he’s not an expert in. So far we know he’s a pro at web development, IT, simulation racing, and guitar, so who knows what other talents he’s hiding from us.

While tutoring, Bhavik loves that every student is unique which means he can tailor his tutoring style to each one. He says its especially rewarding when he sees a less confident student develop over the course of their learning.


Bethan (Accounting Tutor)

Bethan is an Accounting and Bookkeeping Tutor based in the UK and earned her first-class bachelor’s degree from De Montfort University in Leicester. When the tutor role at TCA became available post-graduation, she knew instantly that she wanted to become a part of the community and has never looked back since.

She is now looking to engage in further professional studies, which she hopes to be able to pass this specialist knowledge onto each and every student that she deals with, to help set them up for the best career possible. Not only that, but being a student for so long herself, some of the encouragement she received from those around her, pushed her to be in the position she is today, and she would love nothing more than to be able to offer the same opportunity to current and future TCA students.


Blessing (Accounting Tutor)

Blessing is obsessed with two things – tutoring accounting and watching movies. Sadly, the number of movies starring accountants is limited, so she can’t combine her two loves, but in the meantime she’s almost as happy giving her students as much encouragement and motivation as she can.

The study flexibility offered by The Career Academy also means that she is always available to help, which she thinks is invaluable when it comes to helping students navigate both studying and living their busy lives. She believes that education is the key to success, and applies this to each and every one of her students.

When there’s time between movies, Blessing loves exploring New Zealand on road trips with her friends.


Tracey (Accounting Tutor)

Tracey is a people person with impressive juggling skills. Like many of The Career Academy’s students, she’s a working mum balancing her job and her family.

In her previous role as an office manager at one of Lion Nathan’s Auckland establishments for seven years, she was responsible for all manner of financial duties (incl. payroll, and accounts payable & receivable.) She later backed up these skills with a Bachelor of Business from Massey.

Although she’s a proficient “number cruncher” it’s working with her students which Tracey enjoys the most. Seeing when a student really “gets it,” when their confidence soars or when they’re able to secure that new role – these are things that she loves.


Awais (Accounting Tutor)

Awais believes a good tutor is someone who has an affinity with the students they are teaching, and he is just that. After graduating from Coventry University with a degree in Accounting & Finance, he is now working towards excelling as the next generation of chartered accountants. With the Career Academy as his pedal stool, Awais enjoys integrating and connecting with his students to aid them in achieving their desired qualification.

Awais has a natural ability to empathise with students and can relate to the pressure in this academic voyage. As such, he aims to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Awais is passionate about what he does and is part and parcel of the core values of the Career Academy. He is a strong believer of what we represent and agrees that your first steps with the Academy will lead towards further steps in academic salvation.


Ridge (Accounting Tutor)

Ridge works as a tutor at The Career Academy, with a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He intends to use his Degree and experience as a previous bookkeeper to help and assist students achieve a career in accounting.

Previously, working as a tutor for his university. Ridge brings a depth of knowledge and skills that are available to students. Ridge is passionate about education, art and helping people reach their goals.

Ridge loves The Career Academy’s vision to make education easy, accessible and at the same time to provide quality education to students.

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