How To Make The Most Of Online Learning

Embarking on a distance learning course is a wonderful way to enrich your life, extend your learning, or upskill toward a new job or a promotion. Deciding to invest in yourself can be a turning point for many people, and at The Career Academy, we love to hear stories from our students about how their course has worked to open up positive new directions in their lives.
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It’s really important that your distance learning investment works hard for you, so the team at The Career Academy have put together this article to help ensure that happens. Here we give you some ideas about how you can apply learning efficiency techniques that may make a positive difference to your productivity and your overall online learning experience.

Read on as we discuss time management, learning routines, and how to make sure e-learning support works in your favour.

Good Time Management

Scheduling a dedicated time to engage with your online resources is the first of our study tips to ensure you end up with an excellent result.

Most of the courses offered through The Career Academy are designed to have you complete one module per week, but if you want to move faster, that’s okay too. Time management is a great skill to develop as you study, and it translates well into any work environment.

It can be the case that great results start with great habits, so maybe try and have a set time to address your coursework. Perhaps a few hours after dinner three times a week, a session on a Saturday – or a 5 am start for the early birds – whatever learning routines work for you on a regular basis.

We have an easy extension policy that applies across the board, so if life does get tricky or unexpectedly busy, all students can access an extra three months to complete their coursework. This timeframe can also flex to accommodate specific circumstances.

Connect With Other Students

One of the challenges that can crop up with online adult education is a feeling of isolation. It’s natural to want to bounce things off someone who is having the same experience as you, and sometimes when we get stuck, a quick chat easily solves a problem.

The Career Academy encourages all students to join our student discussion forums. These online communities are available through our Totara Learning portal, and we have clear guidelines set out to ensure that all students who choose to chat online can use this space productively.

This collaborative space can be a great way to connect with fellow learners who may benefit from your insights and be able to share their own with you. You may also find that working with other students on your e-learning course can increase your productivity – and enjoyment!

Use A Dedicated Study Space

Although it may not be possible to dedicate an entire room in your house to online learning, there are some clever ways to get yourself into a mindset that is conducive to learning.

Along with deciding on a regular study time, at The Career Academy, we recommend choosing a regular study spot, as strong learning routines can often translate into better results. This spot could be anywhere where you can access all the things that make up your optimum study circumstances.

For example, a table or desk is a good place to start – although if you work best with a laptop propped up on a pillow in bed, that is perfectly valid too! You may have a lamp that you can switch on as a signal to start work, you could use a specific chair, or it may be you will study best in a neutral space like a cafe – or your local library.

Each learner is unique, so figure out what works for you and make it happen!

Reach Out For Help

Studying as an adult online learner comes with various unique advantages and challenges. For example, a challenge may be that you wish to dedicate more time to studying, but you have many priorities to juggle.

Studying with The Career Academy while you continue to work is a fantastic way to enrich your life, upskill or get yourself in line for a promotion. And because learning efficiency starts with good access to your learning materials at The Career Academy, we ensure all students can access their course information and resources 24/7.

However, no matter how well you are set up and how many study tips you take on board, you may need help balancing your e-learning with your work commitments, family obligations, or even trying to keep a healthy social life going.

The key to keeping things from getting on top of you is communication, and at The Career Academy, our tutors are always ready to listen to what you need to get through to the next step.

So if you feel overwhelmed, stop, take a breath, and reach out to your tutor for help.

Do Something For You!

There is never a better time to engage with online learning than now.

Take some time for yourself today and explore the huge range of courses available at The Career Academy.

Get in touch here to start something great.





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