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Getting Your CV Into The Right Hands: How To Beat the Robots

The employment landscape and the digital world are a match made in heaven. Searching for work has never been easier or more accessible, and technology continues to keep pace with demand in new and exciting ways. If you are looking for work, you are entering a world where technology can operate to put you ahead of the pack. Knowing how to write a CV that accounts for new tech developments is paramount if modern employment processes are going to work in your favour. The digital world runs on algorithms, so knowing how to address the resume algorithm is often part of getting hired.

1. What is Applicant Tracking System?


Did you know that 75% of CVs submitted by qualified applicants don’t even make it into the hands of a real person?

So, what is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? And how can you be confident it works to put your CV into the right hands? ATS software scans CVs and cover letters as they arrive and selects the resume formats and content that closely matches the recruiter’s requirements.

Although this may seem daunting, anyone can beat the robots; read on for some tips to help you prepare.

2. Make Your CV Keyword Friendly


When you identify a job advertisement that looks like a good fit for your skillset, sit down and pull some keywords out of the ad – this is how to write a CV that slants towards a particular job.

If you can make your CV Keyword friendly, you will be more likely to advance toward a callback and figuring out what your prospective employer is looking for is relatively simple.

In an ATS friendly resume (or any resume), you would include the job title, the critical skills listed in the ad, academic achievements that match their stated criteria, and any computer programmes or adjacent tech they mention as essential to the work.

There is a place for precision here, for example, where you may typically list yourself as a “Bookkeeper”, but the employer refers to an “Accounts Person”’, you can pivot your work experience to accommodate the language they use.

3. Get Your CV Checked


If you have spent a lot of time perfecting your CV, you may feel like you don’t need a third party to look it over. Unfortunately, it may be the case that there are spelling mistakes that your spell check has glossed over.

Even if you feel like what you are about to submit is perfectly poised to catch the eye of a discerning hiring manager, it pays to have your CV checked before you hit send. This applies regardless of whether or not you are opting to use an ATS friendly resume template.

When it comes to ATS, a spelling mistake will see you dropped instantly, as ATS tech won’t read misspelled words.

4. How to Make Your CV Better & More Robot-Proof


Many people still believe a PDF is best for uploading your resume. However, ATS software will generally read this format as an image. This could see you hit the bottom of the pile immediately.

The correct format to use for a CV is .doc or .txt. – use an 11 or 12pt typeface for best results, and don’t mess around with fancy fonts – stick with classics like Courier, Sans Serif, or Arial. It’s also important not to include images or too many columns.

You can also help your CV through the ATS process by using typical headings generally present on a resume; titles like ‘education’, ‘experience’ and ‘qualifications’ are good. You should also spell out acronyms, as ATS programming will likely utilise full job titles as a search mechanism.

Get In Touch


It’s essential to move fast when it comes to getting noticed for work opportunities – and ATS software may be more likely to let you through if there are not a bunch of other CVs ahead of you.

Seizing the moment is easy if you already have a fantastic CV ready; pivot a little toward the particular job you are going for and get it past the robots and into the right hands!

The Career Academy offers a free CV check to all enrolled students, so be sure to contact us before you find your dream job advertised; that way, you will be prepared for anything.

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