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How To Get A Promotion At Work – 5 Easy Tips

Getting promoted at work is something you may have been thinking about recently. You do a great job; you are punctual, courteous, and great with the other staff and the customers – so is this how you get promoted?

Most promotions come with a pay rise, so even if you are happy in your current role, it pays to understand how to get promoted.

Surprisingly, whether you are working in a cafe, a hair salon, or a factory – or you are looking to climb the corporate ladder – the basic moves toward getting promoted are somewhat the same. 


Infographic with tips on getting a promotion at work.
The team at The Career Academy have put some information together for you, so read on to discover some tips to best position yourself for promotion.

1. Let Your Boss Know You Want To Be Promoted


This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s essential that you put yourself in your boss’s eye line when they are looking to promote from within the business. People who get ahead speak up and ensure that the relevant people understand their ambition.

Set a meeting with your boss, and come prepared to speak confidently about what you have already achieved. Share your ideas about how you can add value to the business if they promote you, and make sure they understand that you are serious about contributing to the company’s success.

You need to ask for what you want in life, and work is no different; if you want to get promoted – ask for a promotion. If you need to upskill for the promotion you want, we will likely have you covered with our 100% online courses; look here to see how you can learn while you continue to earn.

2. Stay Clear Of Office Politics


If you are looking to be put in charge of your teammates, it is very important that you don’t ruin your chances of getting a promotion by getting involved in office politics. This means that gossip is off the cards, and you need to approach every conversation in a professional manner.

Don’t overdo it – you can still have friends at work, and being sociable is important. However, if you want to know how to get a promotion at work, hot tip, ensure you aren’t moaning about other staff members or participating in less-than-positive conversations about your boss or the company.

If you want to get promoted at work, remember, the walls have ears! For other tips towards getting the job you want, check out our Career Centre.

3. Approach Social Occasions With A Clear Head


Lots of workplaces have a work hard, play hard ethos, and even the most conservative companies will usually put on a work shout from time to time. While it’s nice to be appreciated, and you may feel like you deserve an open bar for your efforts if you are looking for a promotion, this is a crucial moment for you.

After-work drinks are notorious for getting messy, and Christmas parties are even more so. If you want your boss to see that you can handle getting promoted, make sure they see that you can handle your liquor.

Nothing is worse than waking up on a Saturday morning with memory gaps from a work function – so be smart – eat lots, drink little and leave before the karaoke gets completely out of hand and the snogging starts.

At The Career Academy, every student has free access to our Career Centre – so when you are ready to let your boss see you mean business, we can help you prepare for the interview.

4. Take On Responsibility


It doesn’t matter what industry you work in; if you want to get promoted at work, you need to demonstrate you can handle responsibility; in fact, you seek it out. This could mean lots of different things depending on the scope of your work, and sometimes the little things get noticed.

While you may think that a grand gesture will get you across the line when the promotions are handed out, you may be surprised. Oftentimes people think really well of someone who cleans up the lunch room and ensures the supplies are topped up – even though it’s not their job.

You could get brownie points for offering to be a sober driver or putting your hand up to organise a birthday gift for a staff member. So think big, but make sure you account for the details – be reliable and proactive to get a promotion.

5. Be Really Good At Your Job


You will not get promoted if you aren’t on top of the job you already have. And rule number one? Arrive on time – every time. You must hit the ground running if you want to be considered for a promotion, so don’t show up late or hungover and don’t bring your personal life to work.

A good tip is to reread your job description and ensure you are fulfilling all your current obligations, then note where you could go above and beyond without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Keep a record of the times you stepped up to the plate beyond what was contractually expected of you, and be sure to mention this to your boss when you set that meeting about getting promoted.

Many people find it tricky to talk about their achievements, but if you want a promotion, it pays to practice telling people how awesome you are; try it with a friend or use our Career Centre to polish up your CV and access interview tips and tricks.

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