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Interviews can be daunting at any stage of your career. With the rise of Zoom communications over the last few years, an extra element has been thrown in to make it even more interesting. Not only do you need to be prepared, experienced and articulate – oftentimes, you also need to be camera ready!

If you are studying with The Career Academy, you are hitting the job-hunting trail with a major advantage up your sleeve – our Career Centre. We provide you with tips, tricks and resources to show you how to ace your first interview, how to prepare for a job interview, and what job interview questions you might be able to expect when the big day arrives.If you know how to prepare for a job interview, you are more likely to arrive informed, relaxed, and ready to let your gorgeous personality shine through. Read on here to understand how the Career Centre breaks down your interview preparation into five easy steps.

1. Begin With A Professional CV

The first step towards acing your interview is to ensure you get the interview! Prospective employers are often inundated with applications, so you must be certain that your first opportunity to introduce yourself will get noticed for all the right reasons. Before you even think about addressing job interview questions, you need to develop or polish up your CV – some people call this a resume. This document provides an overview of your accomplishments, skills and background and is the first time an employer will meet you, so it’s crucial you put your best foot forward. You must make your CV clear, concise and accurate. You should reflect on your history honestly and be prepared to provide examples that back up the information you have provided when you sit down for an interview. When you enrol with The Career Academy, the Career Centre provides you with a set of fantastic CV templates. These allow you to add personal and professional details in a polished format.

Begin with a professional CV

2. Have Your CV Checked

Although your CV must showcase your personality to some degree, it’s essential to include a specific set of information. You should highlight core responsibilities and career achievements along with your personal details, education, qualifications, work history, and specific skills. Your new employer also needs to see your soft and hard skills at a glance; in fact, identifying these skills is also an essential part of your interview preparation. You need to get to know yourself so that job interview questions don’t leave you floundering. Here you will write about the measurable or teachable skills that qualify you for the position and the personality traits and attributes that make you a good match for a role at that company. The CVs that make it to the top of the pile are easy to look at, the eye flows naturally through the sections, and the critical information jumps out, so the reader doesn’t have to work too hard to see who you are. Having your CV checked by a neutral person who understands what a good CV looks like is an excellent idea. The Career Centre provides that service as part of your interview preparation, and our experienced team offers free reviews and feedback as part of your enrolment package.

Have Your CV Checked

3. Understand The Application Process

We live in a digital world. When you are learning how to prepare for a job interview, there are some tips and tricks that you should be aware of that address the digital application process. Many employers, particularly larger companies, use ATS. ATS is an Applicant Tracking System, which means before anyone at the company views the submitted CVs, they need to make it through this selection gateway. The ATS system applies filters to all the submitted CVs as part of their sorting process. If you show up in a pile without specific keywords tailored to the role you are applying for, your application will likely not proceed to the next stage. The Career Centre team can help you to see which keywords might work for inclusion in your CV – and it’s best to edit your CV each time you apply for a role. For example, you might read the job advertisement and pick out the words used most often to describe the skills, qualities, experience and qualifications your potential employer is seeking in an applicant. So along with spending time practising answering interview questions, it’s a really good idea to have somebody who understands the digital submission process take a look at your CV before you send it out into the digital universe.

Understand The Application Process

4. Connect With Jobs!

There are lots of jobs out there, but how do you find the one that is the best fit for you? When you enrol at The Career Academy, our Career Centre provides access to all the job sites that could help you find your dream role in one easy-to-access spot. Along with tips and tricks about job interview questions, the Career Centre links you to job boards like Trade Me and Seek, where thousands of positions are available with easy search and filter options. It pays to spend a little time familiarising yourself with the various job boards available as each presents unique opportunities and some crossover.

Connect With Jobs

5. How To Ace Your First Interview

Congratulations! Your professional, polished, and personable CV made it through all the stages and into the hands of an impressed potential employer, and it’s time to show them you know how to prepare for a job interview. With backup from The Career Academy team, you will understand what  to do in an interview which may help you secure the job you want. The Career Centre has lots of resources, tips and tricks to prepare you to answer job interview questions. Did you know there is a science behind a successful interview? From the minute you enter the company space – online or on a physical site – there are many small things you can do to present yourself in a favourable light and allow yourself to relax and even enjoy the process. Learn about breathing techniques, ways to remember names, and good answers to common questions about why you are the best person for the job. Understand how honesty and a balance of personal and professional demeanour can work in your favour and how to tailor your body language towards creating a relaxed exchange whether you are on camera – or in the room.

Ace Your First Interview

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At The Career Academy; we are pleased to offer videos, written resources and support from our fantastic Career Centre Team so that job interview questions and all the other steps towards your new job or career become clear and straightforward. Get in touch today to kickstart your future; the Career Centre has your back!





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