Why Hiring from the Adult Learning Community Could be the Best Thing for your Business

When you are looking to recruit, recent graduates or workers that are currently employed within your sector may be your first port of call for candidates. While this approach may yield some great results, another pool of candidates often overlooked could prove to be a great asset to your business.

The adult learning community are diverse individuals who bring unique perspectives and broad skillsets to the table. Many people who choose to engage in lifelong learning are extremely motivated and adaptable, which can help them succeed in a rapidly changing employment landscape.

Maturity and life experience allow adult learners to bring greater context to decision-making, enable a more measured approach to conflict, and work from a more solution-focused perspective.

Infographic about hiring from the adult learning community.

1. Talent Acquisition


Individuals who choose to invest in professional development , particularly when full-time employment is not a viable option, are candidates that human resources departments should be very interested in.   Those who have stayed home to rear children, employees who spend potential leisure time working on skills development – and those who simply choose to take time out to undertake workforce training as a matter of choice – should appeal to talent acquisition agents for a number of reasons.

2. Employee Retention


Hiring from the adult learning community will put you in touch with talented individuals who are smart about time management, seek out opportunities for personal growth, and are likely juggling multiple responsibilities to work on upskilling.   Potential employees who work well under pressure, commit to learning as a choice, and are ready to get back out into the workforce are likely to positively impact employee retention numbers as they know what they want and are prepared to work hard to get it.

3. Workforce Training


If you are on the hunt for someone special and want to connect with candidates who are committed to lifelong learning, there are many ways to tap into this rich vein of potential employees.   Partnering with online adult learning communities is a great start. There are opportunities to work strategically so that the skillset you require is incorporated into industry-led courses, and creating this kind of direct link can be fruitful on several levels.   Offering senior staff as guest tutors, working with the adult learning community to ensure communication with hiring managers when exceptional students come through accredited courses – and providing accreditation for courses through your company are all great options.

4. Employee Development


Providing lifelong learning for current employees is a great move for any company. Higher skill levels result in better productivity, and letting your employees see that you value their contribution by investing in workforce training promotes loyalty.   Motivating employees is more complex than simply paying the agreed wage, and offering skills development as part of an employment package is a win-win approach that will pay dividends in many ways.

5. Adaptable Mindset


Choosing to broaden your candidate search to take in the adult learning community will put you in touch with individuals who are interested in keeping their skillset up to date, who are willing to take a risk to improve their prospects and who are able to pivot or extend when life throws them a curve ball.   Building a thriving workforce that includes individuals with an adaptable mindset will ensure that when complex situations arise, you will have people on your team that have a real desire to succeed and contribute.

6. Human Resources


At the end of the day, it’s the people that matter, and your company can only ever be as strong as the team you build. By diversifying your search for new employees and building strong relationships in the adult learning community, you open yourself and your business up to some great connections.

Thinking long-term about your crew and providing employee development programmes will ensure that your overall pool of skills remains manageable as the business landscape fluxes at an astounding rate.





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